NTH2600 Multi-function Hot Melt Ahesive Anilox Coating & Laminating Machine

1. Working Rate: 150m/min

2. Splicing:Single station manual splicing unwinder/Single station manual splicing rewinder

3. Coating Mathod: Anilox Rolling Coating

4. Application: packaging and printing industry, construction industry; textile industry

5. Coating weight range: 5gsm-50gsm

Product Detail

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  • Single station manual splicing unwinder
  • Single station manual splicing rewinder
  • Unwind/Rewind Tension Control System
  • Chilling Roller/Chiller
  • Edge Control
  • Coating & Laminating
  • Siemens PLC Control System
  • Corona treatment
  • Drum melter
  • UV light function
  • Sheet metal groove of the cleaning roller
  • Infrared preheating device
  • Material level detection sensor
  • Edge cutting knife


1.The multi-function scraper roller can meet the rolling coating scheme of different scraping methods.

2.Flexible glue weight coating range from 5gsm to 50gsm

3.Tension control system,adjust Siemens motor speed and realized high-precious close-loop control..

4.Installed with two sets corona treater to make the surface stronger adhesive.

5.Smooth operation and low noise of Driving systems.

6.High precision web guiding system with specific detector.

7.Equipped with UV lighting to observe the shape of glue

8.Infrared preheating device to heat the composite surface of the surface material.

9.Material level detection sensor: automatic glue filling.

10.Protective cover for sealing and heat insulation.

11.The shape and depth of the anilox roller are processed according to the customer's specified.

12.High precision gear pump, precisely control gluing amount.

NDC Advantages

1.Best accessibility and easy to clean

2. Web guiding for gentle material transport and scratch prevention

3.All core parts are manufactured independently by ourself

4.European design and manufacturing standards up to European level

Customize machines with any angles and design the machine according to the different applications

5.Equipped with advanced hardware, most of processing equiments from international top companies to highly control the manufaturing accuracy in each step, CNC processing equipment and inspection and testing instruments from Germany, Italy and Japan, good cooperative relation with world-class enterprises.




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