NTH1200 Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Machine(Fully-auto)

1. Working Rate: 250-300m/min

2. Splicing: Turret Auto Splicing Unwinder /Turret Auto Splicing Rewinder

3. Coating Die: Slot Die With Rotary bar

4. Application: Self-adhesive Label Stock

5. Face stock: Thermal Paper/ Chrome Paper/Clay Coated Craft Paper/Art Paper/PP/PET

6. Liner: Glassine Paper/ PET Siliconized Film

Product Detail

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♦ Turret Auto Splicing Unwinder
♦ Turret Auto Splicing Rewinder
♦ Cross-cutting Knife
♦ Unwind/Rewind Tension Control System
♦ Edge Control
♦ Coating & Laminating
♦ Chilling Roller/Chiller/Air Cooling Device
♦ SIEMENS Operation Touch Sreen
♦ SIEMENS PLC Control System
♦ SIEMENS Motor and inverter
♦ Hot Melt Machine

This machine is designed scientifically and logically for the convenience of maintenance and upgrade with excellent quality, and  can customize as per customer’s requirements.



• Maximize performance and productivity with automatic splicing unwinder/ rewinder and independent motor.
• Special design of Angle Sensor Detect Tesion to realize high-precious close-loop control.
• High precision web guiding system with specific detector.
• Smooth operation and low noise of Driving systems.
• Simplified, fast installation due to standardised assembly modules.
• Scientific and logic design to ensure coating heat fine and even coating.
• Prevent carbonation from local high temperature with external heating module design.
• Independently pump with a moto to ensure the stability and uniformity when the glue transfer with high speed
• Adjust forward or backward of coating die steadily, strongly and convenniently with specific design


1.Equipped with advanced hardware, most of processing equiments from international top companies to highly control the manufaturing accuracy in each step
2.All core parts are manufactured independently by ourself
3.The most comprehensive Hot Melt Application system lab and R&D center in the industry of Asian-Pacific Region
4.European design and manufacturing standards up to European level
5.Cost-effecient solutions for high quality Hot Melt Adhesive application systems
6.Customize machines with any angles and design the machine according to the different applications

About NDC

NDC, established in 1998, is specializing in R&D, manufacture, sales and services of Hot Melt Adhesive Application System. NDC has offered more than 10,000 of equipment & solutions for over 50 countries & areas and has earned high reputation in HMA application industry.Research Lab center is equipped with advanced multi-function coating&lamination machine, high speed spray coating testing line and inspection facilities to provide HMA spray&coating testings and inspections. We have gained new technologies throughout the cooperation of the world's top enterprises of many industries in HMA system.




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