NTH2600 Hot Melt laminating machine

1. Working Rate: 100-150m/min

2. Splicing: Shaftless Splicing Unwinder/ Automatic Splicing Rewinder

3. Coating Die: Fiber Spray Die Coating

4. Application: Filter Materials

5. Materials: Melt-Blown Nonwoven; PET Nonwoven

Product Detail

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♦ Shaftless Splicing Unwinder
♦ Automatic Splicing Rewinder
♦ Unwind/Rewind Tension Control System
♦ Edge Control
♦ Coating & Laminating
♦ Siemens PLC Control System
♦ Hot Melt Machine
♦ Slitting Unit
♦ Edges Trimming


• High precision web guiding system with specific detector
• Reliably dispense thorough coating coverage evenly
• Smooth operation and low noise of Driving systems
• Simplified, fast installation due to standardised assembly modules.Wear-resisting, anti high temperatures and resist deformation with special material of coating die.
• Security guarantee for operaors & conveniently with protective device installed at every key position
• Precisely control gluing amount with high precision gear pump, European Brand
• Scientific and logic design to ensure coating heat fine and even coating
• High precious independent temperature control and Faul Alarm for Tank, Hose
• Independently pump with a moto to ensure the stability and uniformity when the glue transfer with high speed


1.Equipped with advanced hardware, most of processing equiments from international top companies to highly control the manufaturing accuracy in each step

2.All core parts are manufactured independently by ourself

3.The most comprehensive Hot Melt Application system lab and R&D center in the industry of Asian-Pacific Region

4.European design and manufacturing standards up to European level with CE certificate

5.Cost-effecient solutions for high quality Hot Melt Adhesive application systems

6.Customize  machines with any angles and design the machine according to the different applications

Our Creative Principle

Since founding,NDC developed with the mind of  “No eager for quick success”to run the business,and takes “reasonable price , responsible for customers” as the principle which earned widespread public praise.



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